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Making Friends

..because we all need someone...

4/22/05 02:22 pm - altrnat3reality

Alright everyone...no one seems to love me...and i dunno how to get you people to join. but please please please if you wanna join dont be scared!!

i need friends  :'(

4/17/05 09:36 pm - eagleclaws25 - Hello all!

Hello, good day,and salutations....i be Roscoe, another memeber of this great Community...allittle bit bout me, eh? well, im one year younger than amy and amy is one of my best friends and why im here, you ask?.....as what anybody that would join this community.....to (oh my, dear i say it(not that theres any thing bad about it)) MAKE FRIENDS...one can never have to many...ttyl

4/17/05 12:47 pm - altrnat3reality - YAY

Welcome to my new community...where ... you guessed it...you can...(oh man)...MAKE FRIENDS! lol...im a lil hyper right now...anyway, feel free to join, and if u dont get approved (though you probably will) then *hugs* im sorry...

ANYWAYS! i'm gonna invite some people to join now because im cool..

<33 amy
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